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  1. Thank you GregValiant. I do not know how I enabled that as I am looking now in Cura and it is unchecked. I normally select New Project as I flip back and forth between my CR-6 SE and CR-6 Max and like to have the settings wiped clean each time. And after staring at the G-code for long enough, I see on those few layers where I didn't see an initial Z height change, that it was there a few lines above. I do need to find why it is driving the head down into the model though. I haven't found where in the file that happens or if my printer is having a brain fart at that point. Although wi
  2. I am using Cura 4.8 with a Creality CR-6 SE and CR-6 Max. When I sliced the Maker's Muse Printmas Christmas Tree Lattice, I blew it up to 400mm height, the max of the CR-6 Max. About 100 layers in, Z shifted back to 0, broke one of the limbs of the tree and drove the head into the base of the print, and the next layer went back up to the next height. At first I thought it was a corrupted SD card until I fed the GCODE file via Octoprint and I caught it doing the same thing again. Like a fool, I deleted the gcode file and resliced it and it printed fine this time. Roll ah
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