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  1. ok thx for awnser. Well my biggest problem are when using lwpla. would maby have been nice if that was a options butt i dunno maby already been tested and dissmisted. O well ill try tweek whit retracs and if i found out something like coasting distance
  2. Is it possible to make so retract will take the same time its take to travel to next starting point. Printing whit LW-pla and as you may know its ouse out alot and i would like to try to make so its retract slowly all the way to next starting point. know they say you sould not use retract on LW-pla but some amout works great. And i thought if retrecting slowly enought may keep it from ousing out. when rettracting fast as it do know standing still then move will make it start ousing out att end therefore the slow retract while moving may fix the ousing. If makers of this pro
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