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  1. You need to change your visibility settings to advanced. And then support structure is visible. Or you could search in the search bar for support structure.
  2. Hi @BPartmaker yes you can use tree support. Go to support structure and change it to tree instead of normal. Or you could increase the support top distance.
  3. Indeed strange, like @obewan it is working correctly in 4.8. But if I multiply your 40mm circle in 4.9 and make it 30mm it is printing from inside-out.
  4. Hi @lewis1im did you try to import the 30mm circle in the same project of 40mm? If you want you could share your project file (file - save project) of both circles and then I can take a look.
  5. Hi @Splatman this is depending on what g-code flavor your printer is using. So choosing the method is very firmware specific to your printer. And with the method BQ (M25) from the video there are more options.
  6. Hi @AddictWorkshop you can use the small feature speed and small feature max length to define the length and shorter of that will be printed with the small feature speed. Which you can set in percentages of the normal print speed.
  7. Hi @cucumber_qt do you have a M1? We currently not support M1 since there are some incompatibilities between the library OpenGL and the firmware used by the latest macbook.
  8. @1207143 please also share your log file. And give us some more information about OS.
  9. Try changing your support overhang angle and see if that helps.
  10. Hi @CuraCpat I can't reproduce your problem. Could you share your log file. You can find your log file if you go to Help - Show configuration folder - cura.log
  11. Can you also see this movement in the preview tab? Could you maybe share your project file?
  12. Could you be a bit more specific where did the head hit your model? Did you see anything in the preview tab before you started printing? Could you also share your project file? (file - save project)
  13. Do you maybe have Chitubox installed?
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