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  1. So yea, that was my fault in the design.. I had it shelled out at 2mm, leaveing a .4mm gap the machine thought it had to fill sometimes... A cup that is shelled out at 2mm, .4 tip, set to .2 layer hieght, and cura stock settings set to .8 wall thickness, leaves a .4 void..... At least thats what i thought was happening, the piece printing as we speak seems to be goin around and around..
  2. Solved!!!! Duh, another beginner mistake.....i had a 2mm cup wall and the wall thickness is .8. So i made the cup 1.6mm thick..now the printer dosent try to fill a .4mm gap in sections it thinks it missed...
  3. And the results of me, a pot of cofee, and a enderv2, refurbed after 3 weeks of use, or maybe that first unorthidoxed tip change.....who knows? Lololol..
  4. So many variables to getting that "out of the box" experience again... Today i have found .....i think. What if some filiment is built up and the tip is being thermoed by the plastic in the threads? What if the tip isnt changed rite and some filiment gets caught up between the bomen tube and the tip, then the tip wont seat correctly and ozes out filiment between the threads.. you plumbers would think this wouldnt be an issue, but it happened to me...if we can squeeze out threw a .2 hole, any gap between the boman tube and the tip will result in not enough pressure to pus
  5. Glass backwards??? The side with the dimples or the smooth side..ive been running dimple side up... And also...ive found there isnt really a problem..unless i can lay down an ahesive layer, .2 tip at 100% print speed? OHHHH, u mean the glass is like 360 in x or y axis....lololol..just wanted to see if the other side stuck the extruder dump clean out beter..there was a sufface that was sprayed on to the plate, it was yellow in color, i noticed it removing when i wiped down with REAL 95% alcohol..(i re-distill 70% to 92-95% after purchase, coronavirus is a bitch, to
  6. Im printing a cup thing and the printer is making ridges and then running them over, and its making the printer sounds horrible and alot of vibrasions, it is making alot of useless moves, circleing the cup and laying down no filiment...it makes ruff bumps, runs them over then circles back and forth before laying down a nice smoth layer, then doing it all over again..i hope the cup stays adhesioned.. is this normal???
  7. So last night i went print a 21 hour piece at .2 layer and a .4 tip, i only have .2 in harden steel i purchased with .2-1.0 and only .4 in brass,so i wont have any experience with .2 brass tips till Saturday's amozon shipment.....BUT that being said i put on a steel .4 tip, all stock cura settings, enderv2, pla, 100%PS....the night before i used a brass .4 on the same settings, but messed up the design and shut it off early...but this is what i have witnessed......today started .4 brass tip, same project the one under the printer picture....and the steel .4 tip from last that had no adhesion t
  8. I did try to adjust flow to 115% on both .4 and .2..no way on .2 with stock feeder gear... .4 i just had more plastics laid down.. never had a problem with .4 though..i dont know what i did, but lolol but ALL OF A SUDDEN, there are no issues on .2 tip as long as i lay down a first layer 40% print speed or lower, stock cura settings, ender v2, with pla..... I did start useing receipt paper, and it did help a ton. I only z-axis adjust -.05 - -.1 at start now. With printing paper i could do -.20--.25 without touching the plate...
  9. Level bed, plumb hot end, tighten wheels, bla bla, didnt get to that forward adjustment screw..but... .2, stock cura, print speed 40%, u can see where i speed up to 60..it started pelling... But, i still have NO issue with .4 100% speed. Ordered a duel drive....lol..they got me...
  10. But back to the topic... Bed leveling..OK here we go..i know i am new to 3d printing but what im not new to is BS, So, you really dont have to go around the bed leveling twice to make sure bla bla bla...think about it guys and gals, if you level the bed just above the adjustment screw, that is the axis, do all four, there no way to tip a corner up when leveling, bla bla bla.... I do mine by "move" commands to keep z axis locked...x30 y25, and go from there...make sure dont run into the plate clips..again ender v2...
  11. Lololololol...ur so funny bro...those are REAL tool steel clamp bars, they are perfectly dimensional, i have small praxxon end mill, so these i used to adjust the hot end..lololol.?&%$#@$%. Plus! if a print turned out that good, i think i would be the chang of af all chins......lolololol still laughing...funny ass comment bro..i would prolly only be dreaming of a bridge port on my salary..lolol...if get my hands on a 5-1 in my life time ill be like a dog with 2 dicks and a couple firehidrents.....
  12. Oh and also i HAD to turn the speed down to 25 to 35% on smaller pieces like this to get the adhesive layer to stick even before "the issues".... Im goin to drill and tap just behind the extruder, just under that lip, to be able to in some way plumb the hot end to table too...enderv2
  13. h km ya, i bought ALL the hop ups only to be needing the double drive filiment gear thing.., went back to the white tube, only keeping the blue tube inside the hot end... Bltouch, lol, i got one, u want it.. it could fry ur board or it may work..u find out....i dont feel like working on another problem for creality... lololol we are the gini pigs..lol...
  14. Thank you SO much, we have someone who can think out side the box and thinks maybe, everyones NOT A DUMBASS. U know when 1000s of people say the same thing but hear 10,000 people telling them what they was told and most likely stopped working.. Leveling bed, bla bla.....what about shitty tips, unsqaure extruder to bed..... NOT unlevel bed.. u can level ur bed ALL FKIN DAY and if you push out more one way then the other, ur screwed before u press print. especially when useing .03 .02 tips... i might be new to 3d printing..but i have OCD and theres nothing worst then when so
  15. So ive "all of a sudden" after 20 lbs of just haveing a great time in plastic trash am having adhesion problems. Ive had time to understand 85% of how this works and then it just stopped building an adhesion 1st layer without curling up, not sticking and shrinking to fast. (Please dont ask if i leveled my bed and all the bla bla bla stuff please) I witnessed this happen about 100 times in the last 12 hours, trying EVERYTHING u are about to ask me, this is ALL IVE BEEN DOIN ALL DAY! laying down adhesion layers watching them pull up and bla bla bla.... BUT then i noticed something, the ext
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