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  1. Hi Greg, thanks for the response. I guess I didn't write my original question clearly. I've proven that its not the material or temperature. The actual extruder motor won't retract at random times during travel between two separate parts of the same print. Sometimes it retracts other times it won't over the same travel path. Retraction is mostly perfect if within an individual part. Problem mostly occurs during travel between two separate parts. That's why in picture #3, the two sets of stringing test posts, there are no stringing within one set, but lots of stringing between the separate sets
  2. Hi guys, any ideas would be appreciated. This is so frustrating and limits me to print one object at a time. Thanks.
  3. Hi I'm new to this forum and is seeking help on a very frustrating stringing problem. Closer inspection points to the fact that when printing multiple (separate parts) at the same time, the filament doesn't retract some of the time when traveling between the parts causing severe stringing between the separate parts. I've included pictures to show this. I've monitored the printer closely to find that retraction works fairly well within the individual part. The problem appears to be intermittent during travel between parts. After I completed the parts in the picture, I've printed two stringing t
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