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  1. I have a food dehydrator that I can use to remove the moisture. I will redo my e-steps calibration and flow and see if that fixes it.
  2. I've been making a lot of part out of PETG for my new 3D printer that is on its way. I live in an area with high humidity and I know that PETG has a problem with absorbing moisture. Are these pictures examples of what happens when PETG has to much moisture in it? In the second picture, the outermost wall is being separated from the other walls. It is like stringing but there is no travel at that point. In the first picture, there are gaps in the print where the walls and layers didn't fuse together. I've done flow tests and heat test, so I believe its not one of those. Any ideas?
  3. Lately when I've tried to print parts, they seem to look good during the print, and they look good on the outside at first glance. But when I apply a little force to them, they snap or break. I have no idea what is causing them to be so brittle. Any ideas on what is causing this?
  4. So far the print seems to be much better. Thank you so much for the help, I spent so long trying to figure it out and couldn't.
  5. I checked and I did have z hop when retracted turned on. I'll try an new print and see how it goes.
  6. I'm having this problem with my prints. When the extruder needs to retract to jump between either supports or different areas within the print, I see that there are outer walls missing. This chess piece I printed shows the missing outside walls in the spiral, and in the base and head the missing outside walls go away. I've tried different settings to try to remove them but I can't quite get it to go away. Does anyone know what this issue could be caused by and how to fix it? I have an Ender 3 Pro with TL smoothers and the bullseye cooling duct.
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