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  1. Today I finally tested the simplify 3d settings. The simplfy 3 settings gave more stringing then the default ender 5 profile so my advice is setup the default ender 5 profile edit the bed size and copy the default start an begin end code from the crealty slicer.
  2. I hope to test the settings to morrow sorry for the delay!
  3. This is printed wit the ender 5 settings. stringing is lees then whit the ender 6 profile. I will mod an other profile this evening wit the simplify3d from above let you what the result is!
  4. The change i noticed is enable coasting in experimental in the profile from the ender 6 its on in the ender 5 its of and gives better results. almost now stringing .
  5. this morning I have tested whit the ender 5 profile and this was match better. the only thing I have changed form the default settings is the begin en end g-code and the machine dimensions.
  6. Thanks For Your reply ! What we have done is copied the profile from the Crealty slicer we didn't do any tweaking to the profile. You can sea a big quality difference between cura porfile and simplefy3d the only problem is its price 150,- dollar that is a lot of money and you get only a year of updates. I checked the retraction settings if they are correct whit the Crealty slicer and they are. there needs to be a lot of tweaking to the profile. spanishcop Please keep us posted on simplify3d !!
  7. Its great to sea that you respond to each other that's the benefit of a community. ass Gzz mentioned its based on the latest version but you can use it on any version. it is smart to backup your setting online true the backup function of cura. if an upgrade to a newer version goes wrong you can restore the backup. and restore your printers and profiles
  8. Hello GZZ, if You use the path in the readme there is the location were you need to copy the files. Be aware it needs to be a clean install. If You change something in cura it will make new files and put them in c:\Users\<Username>\AppData\Local\cura\<Version>\ When I tried it the first time I also didn't do a clean install. Wit a clean install You need to uninstal Cura and need to throw away the files under cura in the maps: c:\Users\<Username>\AppData\Local\cura\ C:\Users\<Username>\AppData\Roaming\cura those will stic
  9. Hallo GGZ, I wil check the start g code and ad the file path to the readme.
  10. Hello Everybody! My brother in law has made a Crealty ender printer 6 profile for Mac and Windows. We have done some test prints and it looks promising. Please give us comments if you encounter any problems. otherwise have fun printing whit this profile!! Crealty_ender_6_printer profile cura_resources.zip
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