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  1. @jan141282 Can you see any difference in the slicer settings compared to the ender 6 profile?
  2. @spanishcop I played with the retraction, but I couldnt get it any better. So if anyone has any settings to try, that works better then the default, then let me know and I will try it out.
  3. I use Cura Ultimaker 4.8 (newest version) and the profile works fine and the printer is found under creality printers.
  4. Dont know if this is related to the settings in the gcode or the firmware on the Ender 6. If I adjust all the printing to speed to be no more then 50mm/s. If I then start printing and on the display (on the ender 6) goes to adjust doing printing, then my nozzle and heatbed temperature are correct, but my print speed is always 100. and it seems to print at 100, changing it to 50 slows it down. Any idea if its the printer or error in gcode file ? Using firmware (BL Touch) from january 2021. Update: I think it shows in procentage. So 100% is
  5. Add this for windows to step 1 in the readme Windows path is: c:\Users\<Username>\AppData\Local\cura\<Version>\ Ex. c:\Users\Henrik\AppData\Local\cura\4.8\
  6. I will give it a go. But you can add this G-code for the dual preheat (as the power supply can supply that much power). It makes printing start much faster. https://www.chepclub.com/startend-gcode.html
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