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  1. after a reboot, the Bay E just runs to retract filament, nothing is in there. It reboots, does that again, I cannot use it. I want to use it.
  2. https://imgur.com/cYihrQY Is there a setting in Cura that lets you print these lines consecutively and not split up when there is a hole in the body? The sheen is not uniform when its split up like this. If not can someone who is very smart create one? I heard Prusa has this feature coming out soon.
  3. We would like to request some ironing / printing features that do not exist in Cura at the moment. They would be useful and necessary for us and possibly other companies. Thank you
  4. I have been getting this noise during prints, is this normal? https://imgur.com/beGAWHd
  5. We have been beginning our work creating American Made components, Its been a journey. We are just getting started. After PLA and ABS printing and looking for ways to get the best surfaces, I thought I would share some of it. https://imgur.com/z6X9wpk Matte Black looks great but the surface will require too much post-processing. Copper wire goes around the bobbin but the top surface obviously looks not great. After changing some settings and working with ABS, its maybe a bit soft or not resonant enough so we tried annealing it. Bad Idea! PLA anneals well but it is pretty strong from the get go. Black Tough PLA lead me to the Transparent PLA which won. imgur.com/a/YI3YhFg You can immediately tell by hearing the resonant properties what material is what. http://imgur.com/a/JUaB1Xz It has to have virtually no post processing, so we settled on 45 degree angle prints so the surface is all the same. Its worth noting that even after the S5 cleared the material out of the nozzle, it still printed the first part of the Transparent PLA with black ABS material, probably from the print head itself. http://imgur.com/a/jm960hy Annealing PLA causes some distortions that aren't acceptable with this application, so later today I am going to print a few completely walled off with PVA 100% support, 100% infill and toss it in the oven to see if it distorts. I hope not, because if it distorts in the process of creating the product, its going to be a problem.. I wound it up, got it ready to be used. Looks great for a first draft; http://imgur.com/a/NIS2Cim What do you think?
  6. I would like to completely wall off my print in solid PVA support, top and bottom. How do I set this up in Cura? Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle These are my settings now; Any help would be greatly appreciated
  7. This is what happened with these settings, 0% overlap % Flatter maybe? still the same
  8. Adjusting the walls had no effect since the pole piece holes end up hitting the outer walls in the middle of the print.. There must be some kind of surface sheen setting, something that can ignore an objects holes or some kind of detection that can level it out at the top
  9. I adjusted the % to 0 and I'm about to print one and see. Also, here are all my Shell settings, It looks like I don't have a top layer, what does this really mean?
  10. These are my settings now; Looks like there isn't any overlap set on here now, but I do see some other settings, is this what you mean? <br><br>
  11. I am printing guitar pickup bobbins on the Normal Profile in Cura using ABS, I get this surface; As you can see the walls look great, the zig zag infill (100% on the next one) still shows up. The Ironing pattern feature in Cura are Concentric or Zig Zag.. Neither are gonna be as good as that wall. Is there a way to just iron the surface from the inside out, disregarding the walls etc, just as if it was sanded? As you can see, the walls appear this way already..
  12. Hi there, Jericho Guitars here, We just got 2 Ultimaker printers. S3 & S5 Pro Bundle. As we get set up, we have started printing sound diffusion panels and experienced some issues. I have tried a few ways to get the cubes out, settled on importing cubes and choosing "Spiralize Outer Contour" It has the least volume, doesn't require support, and will be good enough to put together as a diffusion panel. Why are there these weird lines going through the print??
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