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  1. Right Greg, seeing as I'm now lagging behind you I have some news. Firstly we have a problem, sorry. I have a problem. Following your instructions to the letter my wall thickness does NOT become accessible, having said that I have just managed a 20gm print. I changed maximum retract count from 100 to Zero and dropped from 30 to 20gm! I seem to have a mixed profile now with some of my settings and some of yours! I never had max retract count in my profile. I can't cut my extra prime amount back as I was suffering from big under exrusion after my z seam so I left it on. Can't use
  2. p.s. Someone took the centre wing pieces and modified them for a 19mm carbon tube mainspar, I have used them.
  3. Torgeir, no bottom layer, only used when need 4 layers for control horn on some prints. Most parts have small location tabs for alignment and are simply ca glued with accelorator. Have a look at this, it's quite interesting 3DLabPrint-SpitfireIX_userguide-2.pdf
  4. Morning, keep forgetting you're 5 hours behind me lol. If I remove that prime it makes no difference in weight, really odd. I just started a brand new profile to get my 0.4 wall back and got 15g! and also discovered that if I move EXPERIMENTAL slicing tolerance to Exclusive I jump from 15g to 30! 3dlabprint say must use Excusive, I tried to remove that and lost the inner structure. When I first used your 3mf file it did load your profile at 0.4 wall but now I cant get it to reload that. All I'm left with is an stl and build plate that has Ender3 written all over it lol.
  5. Still in trouble, when I open either 3mf file it is not loading the settings so I'm still getting 30gm. Also your file Greg, when I first opened it I got 0.4 as a wall thickness because it loaded your profile, this is the key to 20gm I think. I need to get that back to 0.4 but it's greyed out and I can't find a way to alter it, sorry if I'm a bit thick, am I right in saying a 3mf file should contain an stl and a profile?
  6. Greg, I just love your sense of humour, almost English, very rare for an American! I spent a bit of time in FL stayed at Boca Ratone, racing at W Palm Beach. Torgeir, thanks for your input too, much appreciated. I'm a bit thick so still got to work it out, think I've got it though. Still doesn't explain why my prints have been ok up to a couple of days ago. Hey Ho. Glad I found you guys!
  7. I put my settings into your profile and watched to see if anything changed and it went up to 30 gm on the wall line count which is 1. The wall thickness changed to .84 (my layer width is 0.42) Now, I've always had 0.84 in my slicer because Cura wouldn't let me change it, says it's calculated but it was until recently printing ok at that! In your file it was 0.4 which makes sense and produced 20gm as you know. So I have to find a way of somehow changing that in my profile keeping my old settings. How you got it to 0.4 I have no idea. I've messed up your profile but I can s
  8. Lol. been playing with your profile, the difference seems to be in the wall line count/wall thickness in SHELL. Just been called for dinner, will get back soon.
  9. Thanks guys. Greg, been talking to a buddy who was in 3d industry for a living, he came up with something which made sense. He reckons it's something to do with scaling. Now I haven't scaled anything so I checked my overweight file in Cura and also the dimensions of the print. The dimensions look about the same as the original 20g file although Cura still says it's 30gm. So I'm printing a 30g one and am going to do a physical comparison with my existing part. Well I was now I've hit a skipping feeder problem I've got to sort, why are we in this hobby I wonder lol.
  10. Lol, flying fast jets it has to be automatic, I always tell newbies that when it'scoming towards you whichever side drops move the aileron stick the same direction to keep level. Tbh I still keep saying to myself push, push when I'm inverted!
  11. It's both, calculated and printed is identical within a gram anyway. In my case a third heavier than it was two days ago. There are no supports on these stl's. Thanks for trying though. You are talking about FPV flying. Usually used on drones but becoming more common on foamy models. The rules are strict, an extra person has to be with the pilot and the model always has to be within the line of site and less than 400 feet altitude otherwise it's illegal. The exception is for Police and some commercial activities.
  12. It's good to talk to someone who knows about flying, at least you understand why the weights are so important to me on a 3d flying model. With this weight increase problem it would never get off the deck.
  13. We're showing our age now lol. Here's mine.
  14. I admit to having had a few loose lines on 35 Stunters. Problem with jets it's a few grand if it goes in. My Sabre.
  15. I actually even weighed a full roll to check it was 1 kilo, it was just a tad higher. I'll investigate the density thing. I'm on dead stop now lol. I've still got two Control line models with Oliver Tigers hanging in the garage from over 50 years ago. I'm heavily into jets nowadays, got into 3d printing to make some bits for a 1/4 scale F86 I'm building but with this Covid I thought I'd print a model just for the hell of it. Pics of my L39.
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