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  1. This 20x20x20 cm cube comes out pretty well. X and Z are spot on. I really couldn't ask for any better precision. Given the accuracy of those, the measurement for Y surprised me. If X and Z were off by half of that deviance, I'd call it close enough for FDM. But this is repeatable. PLA, Tough PLA, ASA, and this CPE. Smaller than 10 cm, and X is smaller than the dimensions in the model. Larger than 10 cm and X about right, but Y is larger than the model by about 10% of the model's dimension on the Y axis. Print speed (30mm/s to 60mm/s) does not affect the tolerance by anything my tool
  2. On the surface, this looks straight forward, but allow me to give some history. User Story I want to be able to print objects I design, with a +/- 0.5mm dimensional tolerance, and have circles and regularly polygons print with a consistent radius and all lines and angles within the polygon are congruent. Symptoms See the photo attached to this post. About 2 weeks ago circles began printing ever-so-slight out-of-round. Evidence This is a standard S5. It's about 2 years old, and has around 250hrs of print time on it. It's always printed small objects smaller than t
  3. As it turns out, the lift switch was the answer to my trouble. After recalibrating that, I can now do the XY calibration and everything is right as rain.
  4. I'm actually having the same problem since updating to firmware 5.8.2. In my case, I manually leveled the bed as a first step before calibrating X and Y (shapes were just ever so slight askew). I printed a small cube to see if this helped any (not that I expected it would). Before calibrating X and Y, I updated my firmware. Now I get this same error. Tried swapping out print cores, but to no avail.
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