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  1. thank you for the reply but how would i know what the right calibrations are for the stepper motors all i know its 200x200x180mm but its settings are back on "restore failsafe settings" if that makes any sence at all? the frame seems straight on the 90 degre angle so im not sure what the problem is right now, the table its on is wobbly and moves when the printer is printing but i have a solution for that ill see how it goes and ill be back if i have no joy
  2. thank you. also i know my work bench aint level right now however once thats fixed i will be looking at my printer, im itching with pure excitement but i cant do much about the work station right now as i need to a new on... hopefully level, however i have been looking over my setting im sure theirs room for adjustment too. i just wish i understood what they was and what they do in simple terms lol. its amazing because i learned how to understand a commuter and fix them and manage to do things by myself however when it comes to this 3d printer its leaving me scratch my head. ill give what u s
  3. thank you i will be looking into it more, but come apon closer looking i have found thet altho my floor is abou 2 degrees out from being straight the work bench im using is at an angle and could be causing the printer frame to also tilt forward i bit. i have tighened the belt on x&y axis and used a digital measurement gauge to get the z axis strait so ,im guessing this tilt problem could be the main issue for right now? software and settings are so confusing when im not exactly sure of the terminology of the printer yet, i just learned what the zyx axis are lol on the cura program its
  4. Hello everyone i have recently brought a ctc prusa i3 reprap mk8 DIY kit mk2a and built everything, I'm completely new to 3d printing and ran into a few problems on my 1st layer print (not sticking to the bed, getting knocked off by the nozzle and scraping the bed with the nozzle..you know the normal 1st timer mistakes) well i sorted some problems like adjusting the screw that hits the z end stopper and adjusting the bed (which i think is still not level) and managing to print something at least. but this is proving to be difficult for my brain. im not good with words s
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