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  1. Thank for you advice, even if I'm not sure a 3rd party reseller would help me (but I will try). Some pictures attached, to illustrate the problem. If someone else has ideas to release the Station feeder... It's crazy there is no options/settings to do so.
  2. Hello, This morning my latest print has failed. In order to hold the filament, someone has slip the end of the filament under another filament spire (big mistake, if you don't know). It has resulted in a knot, stopping the flow and grinding the filament inside the Material Station. Now the Material Station mark this spool as empty (it's not) and do not allow to retire the filament. -I've unlock the S5 Printer feeder but it's still locked on the Material Station feeder, -I've unplug the power of the Material Station in hope to loose the
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