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  1. Thank you for those suggestions. I think I got the clunking noise to stop. One question on how to get the SD card working. The printer has a reader and when I save a file to the card and print from it, the auto bed leveling does not kick off and run, in addition, the nozzle comes in contact with the bed and drags on the surface and won't extrude any filament. I tried storing the Z offset from the number into the printer I got from the matterhacker software when I ran the bed leveling process. I've run it multiple times to see if it was consistent and it seems to be ranging from -.14 to -1
  2. Greg, good news, it worked! Mostly all smiles from me. Slicing in Cura, printing through mattercontrol. I found a purge code to throw in as well and it is all working great. Can't thank you enough for helping me out. I've attached a few pictures or what I was able to do last night. First benchy print in blue was completed (first one), just stringy. I upped retraction to 4mm and also dried the white filament and tried it again. The white is the result. Much cleaner and it looked pretty darn good. There is still a little bit of slight blobbing on the side of boat. Any suggestions on how
  3. This is awesome. I will try it tonight and see what results I get (hoping for the smiling portion). I'll let you know what happens and may ask for some additional insight. Thank you.
  4. Yes it does auto bed leveling. It is using Marlin 1.1.9 It is configured with a Ultimachine RAMBo Mini board, a Bondtech Extruder, E3D V6 HotEnd, BLTouch, 8 bit motherboard & LCD screen, Heated Bed with a layerlock magbase base plate and PEI sheet.
  5. I'm a new comer to the 3d printing world. Trying to get myself into it as well as inspire my kids to create and learn a new skill. I have a pulse XE printer from matterhacker. Being such, it wants to use matter control software. It is not giving me good prints as noted by many other user reviews on the software. Like to use Cura to slice it. What I'm not sure about is how to modify the start and end codes correctly in Cura to account for my machine firmware and Z offset (-1.06 currently). As cura doesn't have a pulse setting option, i'm using the Prusa mk2 as the pulse is a clone of tha
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