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  1. I was running Engineering 0.15 but I really should have changed that to at least draft 0.2 or higher. If I print anything else like this I will probably buy a AA 0.8 print core. I had forgotten about the other print cores. That sounds like an interesting test! I may have to try it if I have more big parts to print. At 60 mm/s I noticed the bed was shaking. I think this was due to the nozzle running into infill when printing infill. I did have 70% infill. I then realized that the print would finish over the weekend one way or another so I backed it down to 30 mm/s a
  2. I am printing basically a big block where print quality does not matter. How fast can I print? It is a two day print so I would like to speed it up. I already have a few base layers that I did slow. UMS5 Pro UM Tough PLA Currently at 200% print speed of originally 30 mm/s All other settings default
  3. No, I haven't thought about this. It seems like a good idea. The current nozzles are around 50 duro and the maintenance people did say that they used to be harder back in the day. I will look into this. I was hoping to make it with the 3-D printer but this may be a better option.
  4. I think you understood it well. I appreciate the ideas. I may try this with the only ABS ones I have printed (I didn't have nylon when I made them but just got nylon yesterday). I need to understand how the old ones are failing because the heat shrink tube may fail sooner than the current nozzles and still require the machine to be down to fix.
  5. In the manufacturing process for tape we make a shaft is aired up to 90 psi to expand the shaft. This allows the spools of product to slide off when the air is released. We have been using store bought air gun nozzles (Picture 1 circled in red). We are burning through these every 2-3 days per machine, multiplied by 4-5 machines running 24/7 at $3.50 a piece it adds up. I was tasked with 3-d printing a replacement that was cheaper and lasted longer. I started with just ABS (pictures next to store bought). I realized that ABS won't seal the shaft and therefore won't inflate the shaft. I bought s
  6. I'll try that once my print is done. Thanks!
  7. I have a UMS5 Pro. It is connected via ethernet and I can't get the camera to work. It has worked before but then the ethernet went out do to an IT issue. Since fixing the ethernet and sending prints through Cura I can not get the camera to work, both in Cura and on the browser version. Any ideas? I have already reset the printer and unplugged the ethernet and plugged it back in.
  8. You shouldn't need to use Digital Factory. I have 6.1 and I can still use my ethernet connection. I believe it is only with the firewall on do you need to use Digital Factory.
  9. I have a UM-S5 Pro. I am trying to print cylinders and have had a line going up the print every time. As the print head is going around I see it hit this glob and "jump" from the impact. I am not sure what settings to change to get rid of the line. Any tips would be appreciated. ABS with 0.4 nozzle, 1.2 mm wall thickness, standard Cura settings, haven't changed anything except type of infill.
  10. As a last ditch effort I tried several ethernet ports through out the building with a new cord. First 3 no luck but the fourth works! Turns out I just got really unlucky and right around the update (I don't use the printer everyday) the port I was using stopped and the other ports I tried before didn't work even though we just had them put in. So at least now I know the issue and it is an IT issue now. Thanks for the help!
  11. Yes I have. Still no luck. What would cause the ethernet to not turn on? Not plugged in, no ethernet detected, machine doesn't want to?
  12. I have upgraded to 6.1. I am still unable to connect to ethernet. I have tried connecting with the USB and have not been able to get it to work yet. I know the IP address, subnet, gateway, and DNS. Using the file Ultimaker provides I wrote, (I put the numbers in don't worry) [service_ethernet] Type = ethernet IPv4 = IP address/subnet/gateway IPv6 = off Nameservers = DNS I had no luck with this. I can't seem to get this printer connected to the ethernet.
  13. Don't worry I wouldn't try it as the website has made it clear it won't work. I uploaded 6.0 again and the printer seemed to behave better but still no luck with ethernet. I also tried factory reset per @SandervG but still no luck.
  14. I have double checked with IT and they say the problem is with the printer. I have also asked other plants inside the company who also have the same 3-D printer S5 with Pro Bundle and all upgraded to the 6.0 firmware and no one else had this issue. The printer does not seem to be behaving the same either. It did not eject ABS after two hours sitting in the parked location. The printer has been unused in the past 3 days but the nozzles have a blue light on them and the print head is not the "home" location all the way in the back left. It is in the back middle. I am trying to download the firmw
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