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  1. Can confirm that the Airwolf Axiom runs all fans on the single M106 command. Do not set separate fan values for extruders 1 and 2 (P0 and P1 not used). It is also true that this printer (possibly a limit of Rambo v1.3??) only uses fan values of on or off. Anything less than 100% and it doesn't run. So set both regular and max fan speeds to 255 (100%). In my case, my extruder 1 fan was just wearing out. I found that if I flicked it, it would start up and get rolling from then on. Cheers!
  2. Hey folks. I've got an Axiom dual, and used to have this problem, this thread is still the top search result so I figured I'd pitch in to help others out. I'm running decently well on this printer now. Airwolf listed a start and end code set for alternate slicers, but it's still got a couple problems. Most critical are that the temps used for auto-leveling are fixed values at 240, and Cura adds extruder temps before the Start Code. So the start code needs to be modified with material temp variables per extruder, and I prefer them to cool to the standby temp, not to 0 after auto-lev
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