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  1. I have combing and coasting off... InnerSkeletonV1.3mf
  2. So, I have one perfect corner and one messed-up one. Would re-leveling fix this?
  3. Thank you so much! I reinstalled Cura to 4.9 and it prints dead center now. I will leave you updates on the other part. Thaks!
  4. We tried this and it didnt make any difference. Here is the file. I have an anycubic chiron. (X400 Y400 Z450) Thank you for your help AC_temp-calibration-block.gcode
  5. My MINX and MINY is negative. That is my problem. Do I just delete the negatives or change the numbers too? Also, when I try to edit the gcode it doesn't change anything. Thanks!
  6. Thanks, but the problem is not with z axis. It prints the right height, but it starts printing too far off the left of the board as you're facing it (that means the x axis is starting negative numbers right?). How do we fix that?
  7. I have it centered in Cura, but it starts printing off the bed. Is my g-code messed up? Thank you.
  8. Thanks so much for your help. I will try the printing tower and thanks for helping. I will share my results soon.
  9. Here is my file. Thank you for your support! BB-8 skeleton file.3mf
  10. Hello everyone. I am 3d printing this piece and I am getting some issues I can't find solutions for. I have images attached. Thank you!
  11. Thank you! I got perfect results when I did this.
  12. Thank you so much! It must be the nozzle. I will change it and share my results. Yes, I use PLA.
  13. Ive been using Cura for a while now and a question i had was about the Cura supports. Cura seems to put down a lot of unnecessary supports. is there a way I can make this software use less supports? Thanks.
  14. Hello everyone. I am trying to 3d print a part on my Anycubic Chiron. I am having trouble with the sides of the print warping which causes the whole thing to curl. I've tried everything recommended- glues, painters tape, heated bed. I've experimented with bed at 60, 65, 70, and 50 degrees, and the head temp at 180-190 degrees. nothing seems to help. I'm currently taping down the helper disks and it seems to be working, but i know i shouldn't have to do that. Any advice for this? I would really like some help. Thanks! Graham
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