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  1. Oh I wasnt aware that you have saved the settings in another menu, now the homer actually sees the offsets
  2. at least whenever I told the printer to autohome it automatically set the coords it arrived to zero rather than knowing the offsets
  3. yes I am aware of the LCD command for home and offsets, however in the G-Code there is due to the machine settings (even the default) a G28 (auto home) already and as far as I am aware that also resets any custom home offsets you have made.
  4. the custom G code that was in at the beginning already has an auto home in so if I set a custom home before the print that would be removed. the purge line currently is pretty useful as I dont have room for a skirt on the model I am currently trying. also regarding disallowed areas, it's an ender-3 not a pro as far as I can see. also 5mm in on both might be a little tight. I measured out the XY print size and start coords with the printer itself before already which is where I got my G92 values from as well as the 226x214 for max print size
  5. regarding the Z move the clips are not exactly in the corners so that is not a worry. also I have been feeding the printer the first attempt's commands manually in the monitor section before sending out the moves for when I need to position bed leveling already so it seems weird. but I'll try capitalizing it all. (also kinda frustrating when you extrude the wall sections of inner holes first before doing the part that actually matters, which takes time and filament) here's a bad mspaint image of the way it should be forgot to labe
  6. Hello I have a little issue with Cura and the Ender-3. the Auto-Home Position is outside the print bed and beyond that there are clips on 2 sides of the bed holding it in place meaning there needs to be an offset for proper printing when you need larger models. I have read this can be done with custom G-Code and yet that doesnt seem to work in 2 attempts so far: Attempt 1: at the G28 auto-home I added a G92 to set the position so it knows it's out of bounds G28 ; Home all axes g92 X-4 Y-16 Z0; custom offset Attempt 2: in the off chance it doesnt
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