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  1. Since I was printing via digital factory and somebody else was preparing bed before printing I didn't have possibility to check anything. I came to the office today and the problem is solved. It was problem with plastic ring (this that is on cables - picture) that was crashing with ventilator case. I just moved it a bit and now I don't have any problem with printing.
  2. With 70C for internal layer and 60 after that I have still the same problem. The same corner is climbing up. 😔
  3. Unfortunately it helped a little bit I will check 70C now.
  4. Hi guys! I ran into a problem that I didn't have when printing smaller elements. The initial layer peels off the bed when printing with the default settings for PLA och nozzle 0,4mm. Currently, I print from the beginning, I changed the initial base temeperature from 60C to 65C. Hope it will help. If not... which from advices I should follow? I feel a bit confused, since there are many different. Ah and I use glue stick!
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