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  1. Thanks Carla. If I unplug the front fan when the printer is warm, it does seem to pass active leveling ok. I'm just confused as to why it only seems to be an issue when the printer is warm from a recent print and not all the time.
  2. Hi, I have a new S3 that is about a month old that is experiencing active leveling issues. If I start a print from my S3 that has been off or idle for a few hours, it passes active leveling and prints without any issue. However, if I then try to start a new print soon after the first print finishes, I will run into active leveling issues and receive the "Difference between detected height of both print cores exceeds realistic values" or "nozzle offset probe failed. Please check the nozzles and bed and try again." Here are two videos that demonstrate the behavior: https://photos.app
  3. Hi Torgeir and Carla, Thanks for your input. So far, it seems to be printing ok. I can get tolerances of 0.15 with the Maker's Muse calibration test with some effort to break it apart. When I try printing calibration cubes or cylinders, I end up getting slightly too short on the x-axis and too long on the y-axis (20mm calibration cube x-axis: 19.9, y-axis 20.1, 20mm calibration cylinder x-axis: 19.85, y-axis 20.05). This is after I have tightened the short belts and realigned the axis, on engineering profile in Cura, but I guess this is within the +/- 0.2mm accuracy of FDM printers
  4. Hi, I have a brand new ultimaker S3 printer and I notice that the printhead wobbles along the Y axis but not the X axis rods. I tried tightening the four screws at the top of the printhead and it did not make a difference. Do other people's printheads on the S series have this wobble as well? This causes the printcore tips to probably shift about 1mm along the Y axis. I would have thought this is just my printer but this is the second S3 that I recently tested (the first one had to go back for a few hardware issues) and that printhead had the same wobble along the Y axis.
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