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  1. is it possible to add the support for the 3dmouse direct in Cura 4.9 or to provide an addin similar. In Cura 4.8, I used the addin "space mouse tool".
  2. Hi, I tried CURA Arachne Alpha on small parts for hausemodels 1:100. 1. open in Cura Arachne an existing Project (Cura 4.8) 2. used standard values for "Variable Line ....": 3. Sliced with the same parameters I used for Cura 4.8 The result with CURA ARACHNE Alpha looks like this: Same sliced with CURA 4.8: Attached a 3mf file created with CURA ARACHNE Alpha. I have to play with extrution and other parameters as soon as I have time. Kind Regards Raimondo ASX1_EPLANX2_SQ_Gibelkr
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