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  1. Well, the upload usually works pretty good, no major delays. After Upload Completed it takes anything between 5 and 15min(!) until the file appears in the factory/online monitor. That's way too long. Additionally it shows multiple copies of the uploaded file, which is quite confusing? @SandervG yes, I usually also prefer the USB stick, it always worked flawlessly with the UM2+ (in form of a SD card) the last 7 ys. But what is the point of buying a connected S5, when neither the filament sensor (the first feature we had to switch off immediately) nor the online/remote function
  2. We recently connected our S5 to Ultimaker Factory to do remote uploads. Today again it is painfully slow. You upload a file and there is no way to see anything in the factory/cloud or at the printer for about 20 minutes! I can't believe that Ultimaker cloud services are so underperforming!? Does anybody else experience similar issues and found a solution to that? In total we are quite disappointed by the performance of the S5 compared to our 2+ workhorses. It is in our perception not worth almost triple the cost of a 2+. Especially the cloud solution is not well implemented, s
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