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  1. Thanks Greg. I've just read an article on All3DP about this problem. I have the Ender 3 V2 which can only heat the plate to 90 Degrees. There are some modifications possible but as I'm just starting out, I think it best to get to know the machine and the process better before undertaking such tasks. So I guess I'll stick to PLA for now. Thanks again for your time.
  2. I have a Reality ender -3. I'm using Cura to slice my Gcode. I've successfully printed a little boat in PLA but want to print mainly in ABS. I've purchased a reel of ABS+ and sliced a model of a brick wall profile to face some model buildings. So nice and flat. I thought that should be easy to print. My printer preheats the bed to 70 degrees C for ABS and Cura sets it at 80 degrees C. Yet I read and see on U Tube that it should be 110. I've added Kapton tape, Glue stick and built an encasement but the model becomes unstuck after a few layers. Can anyone explain why there is
  3. I must have misunderstood a youtube video. Just checked the folder from Thingiverse and the files are indeed STL. All makes sense now. (Fingers crossed) Now to print Thanks again to you both.
  4. Thanks Torgier. I didn't think I could load straight into Cura from a site like Thingiverse?
  5. Thanks GregValiant. After Right clicking on the plate, top of the list was 'centre selected model'. I clicked on impulse and it worked. Sliced as well. I wouldn't have thought the file was at fault because I had the same problem with another file. But maybe it was the way it was produced in Fusion 360 Thanks again RogK
  6. Thanks for your swift reply Torgier. I've done that. It was already ticked, so I unticked and ticked again. But no change. Closed, reopened but no change.
  7. Hi, this is my first venture into 3D printing. I've uploaded 2models from Thingiverse into Fusion 360 and then exported them as .stl files. When I open them with curer, their images float outside the box and if I try to slice, I get a 'Unable to slice' message. Help! anyone Please.
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