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  1. I am now trying to print in swapped colors. As i can see in the Preview it should be doing the eyes and teeth first. I will abort the print a few layers in and try it with loading the .stl files in a certain order as you said. If that doesnt work i am just gonna swap the colors. I will keep you updated, thanks again for the quick and helpful replies. Ummmm. I think i will need to learn to use cura first :D but thanks for the explanation :)
  2. Thank you for the Quick answer. I thought about glue but i need to make 20pcs so that would take quite some time. They will still take it if it is only one one side, but i told them i will try my best to print it on both sides. Also it is a good training, the more difficult thing try the better i will get. Is there a setting in Cura where i can tell it which one to print first? Cant fint any setting related to that :(
  3. Hello I am currently printing a Badge for someone. They want the Logo to stick out at the Top and on the Bottom. Since i cant make it stick out on the bottom, i want it flat on that side. However it just looks weird. I tried changing the inital layer with to 100% but didnt do anything. Any ideas? Top image is how it looks on the bottom, bottom image is how it SHOULD look.
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