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  1. @Luke076, I didn't buy the humidity controller, but if you meand the hole Pro Bundle, USD21.000 I don't know how much the humidity module costs.
  2. Ultimaker offered to my dealer to change the module, but not for free. As it´'s expensive to buy this every 4/2 months, we are looking for a DIY solution. Please @Silfried tell me if the change of the module is ok until now and how many time is working after this repair.
  3. Hi people! We recenttly bought an S5 Pro Bundel and we are facing seriuos problems. I am in a city that the humidity usually reaches 85% on the summer ( south Brazil ). The printer is installed in a room with air conditioning ( 65% humidity in the room) The Material station (MS) is never turned off, and I only use original Ultimaker materials. I only open the MS when some spool finish, and is very quickly. My PVA, Nylon, TPU printing are horrible, I need to keep dry in an external device and keep on MS when printing. I'm dealing with my local supplier since 1
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