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  1. I am having issues with the way the lines are connecting on the first layer, despite the fact that my settings are enforcing an over-extrusion, higher flow, larger line width, etc. Is there another setting I can use to fix this? I don't have this type of problem with other models. This is a very flat model.
  2. Thanks a lot, now I understand. I did not intend to print a second "linguini":) model in the same print
  3. What represents the grey area around a model? I thought initially it's because of a brim around the model, but in the profile the brim width = 0 and build plate adhesion = None Thanks a lot
  4. Thanks, it worked. Highly appreciated. I didn't know exactly what "make overheads printable" meant. I though it would force printing even with overheads. This feature is kind of useless because there is no way to remove those chamfers, I tried. Thanks again
  5. Here is the project file CFFFP_Thinker-S_Mk3_nozzle_v2.3mf
  6. Problem Fixed, my bad. I had to click Save first, then Save as Type: HTML Thanks
  7. I'm using Cura 4.8 and I want to block all support by using "Support Blocker" but I can't. I click the 6th button on the left (which does not have tool tips), I make a cube, enlarge the cube to include completely my object in the cube. then slice. In the preview I can see that Cura is still creating supports. Why is that? I don't get it. Thanks a lot
  8. Have you ever seen something like this? I have this chess bishop which prints fine up to a certain height. Then, on the next layers, for ~12mm, only half of the perimeters print OK, but the other half it's quite bad (see picture). Then it prints again OK up to the top. I've printed with Cura 4.8. The problem is located always on the half of the perimeter where the seam is created. I have a few ideas: 1. Something is incorrectly set in Cura settings 2. There's smth wrong with the printer when it reaches that height, with the cooling maybe. Fan is 100% though Any advise would be high
  9. I'm running Windows with Python installed, I guess this is the reason. Is there a version for Windows?
  10. I have the same issue, after install from marketplace I don't see any new option to save under the File menu
  11. Is this a bug? My Start code in Cura contains the following M104 S180 ; sets hotend temperature for bed leveling (warm but not dripping) M140 S60 ; sets bed temperature layer_0 for your material M109 R180 ; sets hotend temperature for bed leveling and wait until temperature reached M190 S60 Despite that Cura is adding in the generated gcode other commands for heating M140 S60 M105 M190 S60 M104 S210 M105 M109 S210 I don't understand why it is doing this. It defeats the purpose of having a start code and it does not give the control to the user. Why is that?
  12. Is there a way to have a gradual infill reversed, mode infill at the bottom and less at the top? That is good for a part to have more material at the bottom so more stability. They should add this feature. It's easy, just a reverse gradual infill😀
  13. I think the ambassador ahoeben DID NOT UNDERSTAND the question. Let's be clear here. Let's say I have a certain bed temp (65) set in the Cura Print Settings and I change the material by selecting a material profile. This profile contains as well a certain bed temperature (60). As you can see there is a difference. I was expecting to be asked: You have a different temperature in the material profile, Do you want to discard or Keep the changes. It does not ask me anything about the bed temperature, although it is different than in the Settings, and obviously it does not change the bed temp
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