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  1. Thanks!! When I read earlier your response I missed the "Support Placement: Everywhere". I changed it and it works. Wouldn't have guessed this parameter is relevant. With the help of CuQ it seems there is such an option after all (-: Just not where I expected it to be.
  2. If I save a 3mf file with this: And when I reload it, is seems like this: Isn't this a bug?
  3. Thanks, What have you changed in my settings? Are you uings Cura 4.8?
  4. Thanks, As far as I tested Cura adds z space not just with it's own supports but also when creating a supports with the plugins "Custom supports" and "Cylindric Custom support" or importing a supports created elsewhere, it does so with any object with "mesh type: print as support". But all of these supports have the same problem, Cura adds unnecessary supports underneath it, even when supports is disabled. It seems as a bug in Cura. How to report the 2 bugs I encountered in Cura? I need a slicer that can handle custom tilted supports. I started today testing s
  5. Thanks for the detailed answer! I've just bought the printer 2 months ago and I'm studying the methods, materials and software. According to my trials the automatic supports in Cura are probably not good enough for me so I'm testing other support methods. I don't plan to print the model in this post, did it just to clarify the problem I encountered with Cura. Will probably do as you suggested, model the supports in 3D modeling sw and not count on the slicers.
  6. The tilted cylinder was defined as support. I want it to be printed as support and to not add any more supports. (I know it can't be printed well, modeled it just to demonstrate the problem I encountered). Is this what "drop down support mesh" intend to do? I'm using Cura 4.8, is it better in previous versions? when it is off Cura slice only the part above the cylinder base. When it is on, Cura adds unnecessary support underneath the cylinder
  7. Unless there are some settings that I missed, there are 2 bugs: 1. Cura adds supports to a support object even when "generate support" is off. 2. Objects change location when saving and reloading..
  8. How to set the "support Z distance" if both objects are regular?
  9. Thanks, have just tried it and Cura parsed only the bottom of the support object.
  10. I have one extruder and rechecked it in the settings. I sent the wrong file, it was another test. If I print the tree as a regular object and not as a support, how do I get the support Z distance?
  11. It seems the problem with the 3mf files that I attached previously was caused by a bug in Cura. It can be replicated - 1. Import "sup test1-mesh mixer.stl" 2. Extensions>Mesh tools>split model 3. Select the tree and turn it into "Mesh type print as support". 4. Save the 3mf file. 5. Load the 3mf file - The loaded objects aren't in the same position as before, the support isn't under the object. bug - tree support test1-mesh mixer.3mf sup test1-mesh mixer.stl
  12. The 3mf files that I uploaded aren't the correct one I will send again
  13. gr5, I attached the 2 3mf files to my previous reply, it didn't work?
  14. geert_2 Thanks, Are you printing the supports with the same settings as the part? In this way, when modeling a high tree support it use a lot more material and it is harder to remove the supports.
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