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  1. : D, I should of mentioned, its 10 printers, all of them being creality, big plans for expansion too, no networking, no need as ill be in the same building 99% of the time, i have octoprint, i just dont like it, cura is simply the best in my opinion. I would like to use USB on cure if possible, Best regards, Max
  2. Hello, I would like to plug multiple printers in the pc and use cura to directly control them, using one or more open applications of cura. I have seen posts asking about this, and i have seen some solutions, non of which properly work for my application, even rolling back to 4.0 and using the COM port selector does not work reliably, EG: once you connect them you cant really connect them again, its like a 15% chance it works, this is the multiple application way. My question, is there an actual way to print with multiple printers over USB in cura, or is it
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