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  1. Since upgrading to 6.1, then 6.2 and now 6.3, I cura can't connect to my printer. It worked fine before the firmware upgrade. I have 1 Ultimer printer, I have owned it since the S5 was released and have never owned another one. I get an error that says "This printer is not set up to host a group of printers" in Cura When I connect to the printer directly there is no indication of groups etc. I have the firewall off, switch between ethernet and WIFI. Still get the same error.
  2. I can't believe you release a firmware with no rollback and still let the printer prompt for an upgrade with no warning about the lack of rollback. This firmware is absolute garbage and I am stuck with it.
  3. I upgraded to 6.1.1 on my gen 1 S5 yesterday. I am a hobby user so the printer doens't have very many hours on it. I finished up a print, did the firmware upgrade and then sent a new print to the printer when the firmware update was done. The Y axis move it makes to prep the printer head made a awful screeching noise and it continues through bed leveling and the print. I was printing right up until the firmware upgrade with no abnormal noise so it seems the firmware has changed something that is causing this. I let it print and it is printing OK but the noise is definitely differen
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