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  1. Brilliant Greg, I'll definitely try that on latter. Now I'm just having some doubts regarding the difference between those 3 parameters: M93, M221 and Flow. Are they changing the same thing? Just registering my progress, - The adjustments on M92 + Flow 45% worked perfectly. Fine clay passes through the extruder like butter. However, cement pastes keep segregating from water and clogging the nozzle. I guess I'll have to rework my paste mix.
  2. @heqe95 I've started to play with Cura on my Zmorph VX yesterday. I had the exact same problems, and tried the same settings that you tested. As you mentioned, nothing change. Today I'm going to try the M92 E11 on my Start G-Code to see if i can extrude properly. I'm going to use a 100 ml syringe with a 4 mm nozzle. Let's see if it works. If possible, can you share your experience working with Cura and the Zmorph printer since your last post?
  3. Hi, just create a new profile for a custom 3D printer on Cura. The settings below worked just fine for me.
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