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  1. Next time I have time I'll have to compare those json files. This: Replace "M10086 .*" (without the quotes) with an empty string (and turn on the option to use regex). Didn't work. I don't know about that specific "find" but I tried other regex's that worked in npp, and nothing changed in my gcode. It appears the Lotmaxx version is broken here. In the grand scheme, removing the image is not critical, but sometimes I get stuck on a challenge and hate to let go. Especially when it's things like a regex working in one place and not another. Thanks for all the help.
  2. Ahoeben, Thank you for the suggestion, but that plugin is not installed. This is every plugin listed as "Installed" in the Marketplace, but the only one I installed was Arc Welder: 3MF reader AMF reader Arc Welder (which I installed recently, and permits Uninstall) Auto-Orientation (permits Uninstall) Compressed G-code reader Compressed G-code writer Cura Backups Cur a Profile Reader Cura Profile Writer Firmware Update Checker Firmware updater g-code profile reader g-code reader Image reader legacy cura profile reader machine settings action mirror tool model checker per-object settings tool post processing removable drive output device rotate tool stl writer scale tool simulation view (provides the simulation view) slice info support eraser tool titlebar info (permits uninstall) Trimesh reader (grayed out, but permits uninstall) ufp readerr ufp writer um3 network printing usb printing ultimaker machine actions update checker version upgrade 2.1 to 2.2 .. .(and 14 more upgrade plugins, up to 4.2 to 4.5) wavefront obj reader wavefront obj writer x-ray view x3d reader
  3. Nevermind, I found the Marketplace. I did not see what would obviously be the image embedding, but I will look through again later. Thanks for your help!
  4. Where is this located? I cannot find it. Perhaps my version had it removed...
  5. If it is, I have not found where that would be. Where are plugins? The only thing under Extensions... Extensions->Lotmaxx Backups->Manage Backups Extensions->Post Processing->Modify GCode Extensions->Update Checker->Check for Updates I looked through all of the menu items (and all of the Settings), and could not find it.
  6. Yes, it has that, so I'll have to dig out the Regular Expression tutorial...that should do the trick. (I have used them, but not often enough to have them memorized.) An example does not paste in an easy-to-see format, because the "bitmap" is 400 characters long, but each line starts with "M10086 ;" and then 400 characters of bitmap. These are the first few lines, out of about 300 total: I entered this in Search: M10086 ;[a-fA-F0-9]* and this in Replace: ; and it looks like nothing changed. I guess I will need that help file...I did test the Search in Notepad++, and it found the lines. Not sure if they disabled this, or if I need to name the Search and use that name in the Replace, but I'll look into it tomorrow. Thanks for your help!
  7. You guys are probably right--I am using the Lotmaxx version of Cura. My Lotmaxx SC-10 Shark has a graphic display, and it shows the bitmap of the 3d model. I mistakenly assumed this was standard for Cura. There are so many things that seem standard, but the one machine-specific feature I saw was a laser plugin, but since I've only used S3D before, I could not tell it was special. Thanks!
  8. Is there no way to reduce file size by eliminating this feature?
  9. I am new to cura, and I could not find the setting to remove the bitmap from the beginning of the gcode file--the images where the lines start with M10086. Is it possible to prevent it from being added? Thanks!
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