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  1. Thank you for your help, you appear to be right, reading the link you sent I can see my model is in the dark area of the bed. I have encountered this before using Prusa Slicer and simply increased the bed size in the machine settings. I have done this in Cura but now I can see that the print area does not increase, only the outer area around the print area. My print bed is 220 x 220 and my model is 220.2 x 219 so I will have to go back to the drawing board and try to reduce the size a little. Once again, thank very much. Graham.
  2. I am trying to slice a model in Cura 4.8 but the model shows stripy and when I try to slice I get the following message, Unable to slice, Please review settings and check if your model, : fits within the build plate, : are assigned to an enabled extruder, : are not all set as modifier meshes. The model does fit within the build plate, I have only one extruder so assume it is permantently enabled, I have not had trouble printing other models. I'm not sure I understand the last one but I am only trying to slice one model so assume there's nothing to set there. I did have this problem with anot
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