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  1. @nallath: watch out the post from May 14h, there was attached the log file.
  2. I use W7 64bit of course and as I mentioned, 4.9.x tries to start. But after running "Loading UI" the border of the window will be shown very shortly and disappears. Could depends on my old GPU drivers. But what was changed to 4.9.x that is does not work, 4.8.0 runs perfectly. Anyway, I usually use the Prusa slicer and as I mentiond above 4.8.0 runs perfectly.
  3. @GregValiant: you might be right, but the most intention is to find out why 4.9.x does not run under Windows 7. W7 does not related to MAC, so MAC should have surely a own section....
  4. This is not related to the main topic which was the not loading 4.9.x on Windows 7.... I´m not interested about failures on a MAC!!!
  5. What does your problems refers to not running Cura 4.9.x on Windows 7??? Update your grahpic card driver could help. If not able while to old, bad luck 🙂
  6. I´ m agree with you, guys. @mechanic75 To give priviliges to folder and files add the user who should in the admin group to drive 😄 and submid all files and folders to add fullly rights. @DrCeeVee I´´ m going back to 4.8.0. Even I could really find some benefits the new release. At least I´´ m sorry to tell mostly using Prusa slicer with works through all releases perfectly.
  7. Download is no longer accessible 😞 If you meant my graphic card, there is no newer driver as already is installed. If so, something in 4.9.x has been changed!! Don´t worry, I´ ´m happy with 4.8.0 🙂
  8. This update is already installed the file told me. Any other suggestions? As I discribed above.... 4.9.x was loaded until "Loading UI". Then a frame with the headline appears for a second, you can read Cura and so on. Then all of them close and nothing happens anymore. For more details watch out the logfile in the mail before. Python will be pointed as the troublemaker 🙂 Here you can see whats happened.... the second pic shows for a short time these part of the windows/frame
  9. Hello, using 4.8.0. Installing 4.9.0 / 4.9.1 will be done, but when I start after "Loading UI" very short the headline of the software will shown. So, actually I´m not able to use the latest release on Windows 7 which is on the support list. Found the file stderr.log, it means that there are a lot of problems with Python. stderr.log
  10. Hi Greg, thanks for your message. Copy the definition file does not work. Neither Mingda nor 3D or D3 are listed in the printer list. I used to modify the Ender 3 to make it Mingda Rock 3. Thanks in advance Kai
  11. Hello, regarding the my new printer above I need configuration details as printed setting or a file. Mingda gave me to choose "Raft", "Quality 0,2" and "Support Type everywhere". That´ s fine, but what about start/end code, bed size and other setting may I need to do? I´m using 4.8.0 and there is no setting "Raft".... Some questions least: - how can I turn a object? - how can I find out which settings are neccessary, important regarding speed, quality and more? The added picture is not mine and I´m not able to delete!!
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