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  1. Hi DivingDuck. I presume that you refer to what is called "Support structure = Arborescende" in French. (I have the French version of Cura). Indeed, this setting produces very strange supports and I never use it. In the case that I reported, the only way to get rid of all the unwanted (an obviously unuseful) supports is to set the maximum angle to 75°. However, i am afraid that my printer will not be able to bridge correctly at 75°. I am now trying and old version of Cura (15.04.6): this version is a bit limited, but at least, it does not generate supports hang
  2. Thank you for your replies, but: - I need to support everywhere because there his a horizontal cylinder hole higher in the object and it needs internal support. - How can the "unwanted" support support something that it does not touch??? - I tried to use the support blocker, but it is very hard to use because it works indirectly instead of simply clicking on the support that you would like to delete. The only way I found was to set the angle to 75°, but I wonder whether the cylinder hole will be printed correctly, and it is only at the end of a long print that I will figure out.
  3. In several models, I got spurious supports generated by CURA 4.8.0 By "spurious", I mean that these supports does not seem to support anything. I tried to get rid of them using the "support blocker" tool, but to no avail. As the support blocker acts on the model, not on the cura engine, you cannot select a support for deletion: instead, you need to mark the area that triggered the support. However, how can I do that for supports that do not support anything? It is hard to figure out which area of the model triggered them... Here attached an example, generated with
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