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  1. @fvrmrI tried to do this as well but was using a regular Ender 3 and just extending the bed size. However, the printable bed size just stays the same and the un-printable, or keep out area, only extends so I still can't print any larger. How do I fix this? I changed the bed size in the settings but can't find any other settings regarding this.
  2. Since you mentioned it, first may I ask why you don't use zhop? I am pretty new to Cura. Used S3D for a long time, though I always used zhop, I still never experienced nozzle drag until now. Are there maybe settings in Cura I am missing to reduce/eliminate it and thus not need the zhop? Thank you
  3. I am using the latest Cura version and am seeing an issue where a z-hop doesn't always happen when moving over a printed part. I have both options enabled: "Z-hop when retracted" and "Z-hop only over printed parts". It also does do a retraction, which even more confuses me why it's not doing a z-hop as well.
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