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  1. Seems like a semi common issue but I am having problems with the UM PVA support material printing correctly on a S5. I have tried a couple different spools with one brand new just ordered that is dry out of the bag which works much better in the tube and doesn't break before the print core which is good. But using the standard material and print core settings the material / extruder doesn't seems to stick or gets hung up on the nozzle and never prints correctly. Does anyone have any tips they could share as this seems to be a common issue from reviewing other posts. Sounds like the FormFut
  2. @gr5 Thanks for the great information. I am going to give it a go as the material sounds much closer to what I am looking for. Looks like they sell it in 2.85 also (some places don't seem to have that size). Have you found a good print core temp on the S5 that works the best? Also are you able to use the AA 0.4 core ok or does it need the 0.8 to flow? Thanks
  3. @gr5 Thanks for the tips. Would you mind breaking down the oil process on where you are applying and what type? Going to give this a go here in next couple of days.
  4. Thanks I ordered up some of the Ultimaker TPU-95A to try out.
  5. Hello, Is it common and possible to need to replace the brass nozzle on the S5 print cores? I don't see where you can buy them specifically for the S5 print core and wondering if this is needed after extended use. If so does anyone know the part numbers I can only find ones marked for S2 online. Thanks
  6. Thank you @gr5. So the Cheetah should work ok with the S5 you think?
  7. Hello, I am looking for the best and most flexible material for the S5 printer that would be similar to the Carbon EPU-41 material listed below. Something as close to rubber like conditions the better for a lattice structure design. Any suggestions or experience tips would be appreciated with the S5. https://www.carbon3d.com/materials/epu-41/
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