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  1. And for the support: If the bootloader doesn't find the image because of file-system corruption, it does wait for an image provided by tftp - this would be a much safer option to recover a bricked printer, without the need for opening the printer.
  2. @gr5 the non-working image was "um-restore-5.7.2-R1.img", the image which worked was "recovery-´0503.img" (maybe there's a difference between restore and recovery)
  3. We had the same problem wit our exactly 2 year old S5, our retailer sent us a link to ultimaker-repair instructions, which are aimed at "professionals", because of some potentially deadly high voltage under the cover. So we followed the instructions, but unfortunately the provided "restore"-Image wasn't recognized by the printer/controller board (tried multiple sd-cards and different variants to flash the image). Did some google-research, and somewhere in the forums a link to an older recovery-firmware was found. Copied the image to an sd-card and the bootloader instantly recognized
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