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  1. OK, I'm pretty happy with the guidance so far. I made a simple shape and learned a lot just from the process. But try as I might, I can't figure out how to resize something. On the workplane it's 12 mm which is what I want but the print comes out 36 mm. Since that's a 3x ratio I figure it's got something to do with that. But I don't know what. Also, I am trying to make a taxicab rooflight in 1:48 scale. In tinkercad is there any way to take a basic box and turn it into a trapezoid shape? Or do I simply need to learn more? (probably option 2! Haha)
  2. I'm curious as to what the answer would be should the object be much larger. The answers seemed to dwell on the fact that perhaps the OP had scaling mixed up, thus no answer was offered. I have tried to import objects from a repository I have access to. Different authors but all legitimate objects than can be and have been printed. Some proceed normally through the process. Others get this 10000% dead end. Thanks for any clues to get past this.
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