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  1. Running 4.8.0 and have noticed this happen several times in different models. Enabled Tree supports with defaults except changed Branch Angle from 30 to 25, and Support Overhang Angle to 70 deg. Midway up the model, it will try to start printing a branch on nothing. Of course this fails and anything that was supposed to be supported by that branch also fails. Only workaround I found was to using regular supports which took much longer to print and more cleanup. Is this a confirmed issue? Is there a settings combination that's causing this? Any help much appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Got it! Why didn't I think of that. Thanks.
  3. My understanding of Combing Mode was to reduce travels outside of the part, but setting it seems to have no effect on travels shown in the preview. I've tried all the combing options and the travels outside the part seem the same. See attached screen cap. Is the preview not accurate here, or have I missed a setting somewhere? The estimated render time does increase by several minutes with combine on, but I didn't expect to still see all those travels between the two legs of the part. Any help appreciated.
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