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  1. Updating the firmware to latest stable version got rid of the message, thanks!
  2. Thanks! I'll take a look at the S5 firmware version.
  3. Nobody knows what this message means or how to get rid of it...?
  4. Hello, Since reinstalling Ultimaker Cura on a new computer, every time we run a print on our S5, we keep seeing the following message appear on the S5's display: "this file is made with an older version of ultimaker cura..." (there's more to the message, but you get the gist) We then have the choice of ignoring this or aborting the print. Any ideas what's going on, and how to get rid of this message? TIA EDIT: should have mentioned, we're on the latest version of Cura.
  5. Thank you, I appreciate the help and the follow-up on this!
  6. They/we do. I did an NSLOOKUP and the DNS server is definitely part of our AD domain. (I would ask our IT folks directly, but they typically aren't too keen on discussing anything specific about the network with anyone not in their department). It's worth noting my colleague had attempted setting up Digital Factory as well, but with our U3, and experienced similar issues, so it's not just our S5, which makes it seem more likely to be a network issue. FWIW Turns out the SSH/vi stuff is a little bit beyond me...
  7. I know for a fact that we do run MS Active Directory!
  8. Tried it just now and was able to connect, saw the JSON response, etc.
  9. We're behind an institutional firewall, but there shouldn't be anything unusual in there specifically regarding Ultimaker... I have the printer directly connected via Ethernet to a laptop plugged into our network, and we're able to access other Ultimaker addresses via that laptop, so I don't believe anything is being actively blocked. I can check Internet adapter settings and such on the laptop if you have anything you'd suggest I look for.
  10. Sorry about that. Was working with a USB drive that had too many files on it already and I missed selecting a bunch, lol. Here's the complete archive of everything the printer exported. AllUltimakerLogs.zip
  11. Okay, log files attached. S5Logs.zip EDIT: ...and I've reached my post limit for the day, lol EDIT2: And the limit has vanished! heh
  12. Necroing this thread because we're having the same problem here with our S5. I never see a PIN anywhere when trying to set up Digital Factory.
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