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  1. Not sure what's causing your issue as loading the .3mf is fine in my slicer. In case you don't figure out what's wrong in time, here's the sliced file with the settings you had in the .3mf for a CR-10S. This is for a 0.4 mm nozzle, PLA print by the way. CE3_SBFB-SPRING.gcode
  2. I think this is mainly due to the version of Cura you have, and the ones those profiles are from. There's some cross-compatibility issues between profiles between 4.8 and those below a certain version of Cura. Your best bet would be to just download an older Cura release like 4.2, import the profiles there, and manually copy the same settings into 4.8
  3. Hello everyone, i read about my issue on a previous post but OP had considered his issue resolved with the addition of the experimental overhang wall speed setting. I am here to sort of revive the issue again as I believe the current implementation of the setting is lacking. I am starting to find that the Overhang Speed option does not work well when dealing with actual overhang curling at corners no matter how low I go with the setting. My leading hypothesis on why this happens is that my overhanging corners don't have the sufficient length such as to produce enough additional la
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