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  1. Oooohhhh. I imagine Repetier-Host will work as well?
  2. Appreciate your help bro. The only problem is that I don't have Octoprint to send the G2 command line. can I somehow do it by connecting my printer to Cura?
  3. Not trying to be rude just annoying when 3D printing doesn't go your way. Everything is stock on my ender 3 V2 PRO and firmware is version 1.0.2. Just doesn't want to work. 😔
  4. Mine see's it like that as well but when printing it freaks.
  5. My printer is still completely stock and doesnt have a bed leveler. When slicing the model looks fine but when printing it just freaks out. tried last night and started printing without pre-heating🤣. Looks like its back to normal printing for me...
  6. When I enable Arc welder on my printer (ENDER 3 V2 PRO USING CURA) it just freaks out. it over extrudes by like 500 % and doesn't even print the model. Can SOMEONE PLEASE RESPOND to this post because this problem is really annoying. I think the code contains so many bugs..... very disappointing 😑😡
  7. Hi, I also tried using the plugin but nothing shows up in special modes. As you can see from the linked image, I installed it and it is ticked, also restarted. Wet to settings and nothing... SOMEONE PLS HELP ME :(
  8. Hey Guys, I have been having some trouble with the ARC WELDER plugin in Cura. After downloading/ installing the plugin, once I restart Cura again I cant see the Arc Welder tab in special modes. Does anyone know how I can access it. It has been driving me crazy! 😞 Cheers
  9. Hi, A few suggestions: 1) Your printer may be suffering from z-wobble due to yours printers configuration 2)Have you correctly calibrated you E steps? 3)Obviuosly you are using Cura. One thing that may work is the ARC WELDER plugin. Hope this helps :)
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