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  1. I cannot find "development snapshot linked" and therefore cannot do this solution to get Arc Welder to display in my Cura 4.8 menu Please, if you don't mind, can you elaborate a bit more on where to find this solution to get Arc welder to display.
  2. If anyone gets this "non display" of Arc welder sorted out, please post it I have also just uploaded the plug in and no matter how much I search in all the menus, there is no Arc welder to be found.
  3. I am using a Tevo Tarantula printer, printing PLA and using Cura 4.8 for the slicing. I am currently printing Eclipson Model A and have had great success with the ‘tubular’ structures like the fuselage and wing pieces that are open ended on both top and bottom layers. My problem is with closed parts, specifically the pieces that have control horns attached. Using Eclipson G-Codes I have no way of controlling or tweaking the print settings. Understandable as this code if the proprietary ownership. My preference is to use their Elev1L.stl as I am able to adjust the profile se
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