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  1. HAHA, finally ran into an issue with it. I tried it on my stock (Other Then HotEnd) Tevo Tornado Gold Edition which has Marlin 2.05 something on it...Didnt like it, probably doesnt have ARCs enabled. So ill have to dig into that, its been good stock so ive been trying not to change the firmware on it
  2. What about Reported error: G2/G3 bad parameters. I don't see any G2 codes being sent but a lot of G1 codes in my OctoPrint. I have not installed ARC on my Octo but have in CURA.
  3. I should probably also mention that I am printing with a .08 tip in point .06 Resolution so im not sure i would notice a significant difference in print. The MKS GenL board hasnt given me much problems but i had noticed before the switch over i was getting some real random movement issues so i said why not try this.
  4. that video is what brought me. Im using it currently on my Tevo Nereus but its also has non stock board with Marlin 2.x installed. I was using it without the G90 but noticed it the other day. Seems to work pretty decently so far with my setup but i do only get a small amount of compression however im using some pretty large files at the moment
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