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  1. You were right. Thank you. I am working in mm as well. What happen. The new Inventor 2022 was installed and all the settings went to a different default point. When I exported the file into STL format, there was an option where I had to choose mm instead cm. This is how I fix it. Thank you again.
  2. Hi, I am using an GMAX 1.5 plus 3D printer using Cura Ultimaker 4.10. Loading a part STL format, all the dimensions are on one tenth than are supposed to be. Any idea what setting I have to have to bring it at scale 1/1? I know how I can scale the part, but I want to load the part at 1/1 as default setting. On the previous versions smaller than 4.8 I didn't had any problem like that. Thank you.
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