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  1. Ciao, è da un po' di mesi che cerco una soluzione per un ingranaggio testando vari materiali tecnici, come Tough PLA, Durabio, Nylon, Policarbonato e CPE+ finalmente ho trovato una soluzione perché il doppio ingranaggio si rompeva sempre nella parte più piccola, ma ho dovuto fare un mix tra la stampa 3D e un altro ingranaggio in acciaio. La stamapante che sto usando è una ultimaker S5, non ho provato con materiali caricati perché attualmente non ho l'ugetto C-C necessario per quei materiali. In questo video trovate i vari test. https://youtu.be/WH3fH85vcqo Saluti Marco
  2. Ok, I understand, in fact I put the spool in a vacuum bag with a silica gel bag. Before reusing the spool, I will put it on the heat bed. Thanks for your valuable help.
  3. Thanks @ gr5 for your help. Now I have bought the vacuum bags for spools. The PVA and Nylon are in vacuum packed. Next time I try to clean the print core B-B, because now I'm using the breakaway Ultimaker with A-A print core.
  4. Hi, see this thread. I thinks that is the same problem. Cura 4.9 is the problem.
  5. Thanks for your reply. I think that the system used for see the "spaghetti" ( I'm Italian and I like pasta), is a free application can you manage through the code for check everything's, in this case the "spagetti". I think that this idea is very interesting and that push the big companies to adopt a vision software for check the correct print. I hope that soon we will come to print with all material in the super easy mode.
  6. Yes, I think that the PVA have absorbed a lot of water though the spool is staying always in material station. I will order a vacuum kit for PVA and other material. I read in this forum that is more correct put in the material station the PVA material only if will be used. For clean the print core B-B I see the message that the S5 tell me, and tell that I can used two tipe of material or PLA or clean filament, but I remember that the printer vendor was very clear that the B-B print core is only made for PVA. It is not possible to extrude the PLA otherwise it will be ruined.
  7. Is there a system that monitors the piece layer by layer during printing and that can modify the print settings to correct any errors in real time? such as the lambda probe for engines, or many other systems controlled in real time. Machine vision could be used. What do you think?
  8. Thanks for reply. Yes I used cura 4.9, in fact before start print I seen the PVA not in correct position, but when the PVA was arrived in position not worked very well. I thinks that there are 2 problems. The first the bug on cura 4.9 and the second the print core B-B
  9. Hi, during the last print with S5 with material station and air manager, I have been some problems with print core B-B for PVA material. The PVA didn't out very well for the firs time so I tried to reprint the piece, after 4 hours the printers was stopped with one error (https://support.ultimaker.com/hc/en-us/articles/360011706239-ER65-Flow-sensor-error), but after check the error the printer have finish the piece correctly. Now, I want clean the print core B-B, but I don't sure that I can used the PLA material in this print core. How I can clean the print core B-B? I can used PVA
  10. During a print, I have finish the Ultimaker orange PLA ribbon and I have try to use a general PLA to finish the print, I have take the NFC from original ribbon and I have applied on the Generic ribbon, the printer has finished printing successfully.
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