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  1. Thanks so much for your input @gr5, @ahoeben! I just combed through the manual and original documents that came with the machine and I couldn't see a EULA or find anything on the website in regards to the machine and the firmware (I found warranty for the machine and licenses for Cura, but nothing for the firmware). I have an S5 on the way, so maybe they have updated docs with those, but I'm 95% sure there was not an "I accept" button when I first started the machine. I also can't find anything in the menus themselves. This is how I had been planning to set up the install, I don't want to modify the ultimaker closed source software if thats not allowed, I can probably just run my stuff alongside it and access the open APIs when needed. Debian is open source, and so is the marlin that runs on the ATMEGA chip, so modifying those should not be an issue. If the UM firmware is based on marlin, it would inherit the GNU GPL v3 licence— that's why I think they understandably offloaded some of the proprietary functionality onto the Olimex. But that also means the firmware itself should be modifiable and redistributable. I would really like to hear from them before proceeding too far as I understand a lot of work goes into developing IP.
  2. @gr5 Yes, it may have to directly interface with the printer. I would like to add some sensors to the machine. Do you know if they are planning to deprecate dev mode for the s5 and other machines? It may not be worth continuing if it will just stop working one day. Any idea about the terms of use regarding developer mode and APIs? I don't want to step on any toes
  3. Hi everyone, I am creating a custom plugin for my ultimaker S3 and I would love to make it widely available to everyone if all goes well. I have a few things I am concerned over if I do choose to make it available to the public. Would appreciate any advice or point me in the right direction as I have trouble finding the terms of use for the software on the machine. Based on some preliminary research, I will have to make minor changes to the firmware as well as use the Ultimakers APIs. 1. If I distribute the software would I break any licence terms regarding these changes? 2. Am I able to use Ultimaker S3 APIs as part of my plugin? 3. As well, am I able charge for my plugin if I do make it public with the said changes? (What I am looking to do will need an AWS server and the costs will add up especially if many people use it.) Again any help would be appreciated even if you can point me to the right documentation. I don't want to infringe on anything. Thank you!
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