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  1. Cura gcode example.gcoderetraction calibration test.gcode Hi Smithy, thanks for your suggestion. Please see the gcode generated by http://retractioncalibration.com/ and the random example from Cura. They begin quite differently. Do I just copy paste the header from the Cura example gcode and change the numbers so it works with the retraction test? There's info in the header such as: ;EXTRUDER_TRAIN.1.MATERIAL.VOLUME_USED:851 ;PRINT.TIME:2189 ;PRINT.SIZE.MIN.X:9 ;PRINT.SIZE.MIN.Y:6 ;PRINT.SIZE.MIN.Z:0.27 ;PRINT.SIZE.MAX.X:213 ;PRINT.SIZE.MAX.Y:207 ;PRINT.SIZE.MAX.Z:35.97
  2. Hi guys. I was advised to use http://retractioncalibration.com/ retraction test generator to tinker with and refine my TPU printing settings on Ultimaker 3. I generate the .gcode with the default numbers, send it to the printer via cloud but nothing happens. When I try to print it from a USB drive for a split second the printer screen says ETA is 0 min 0 sec and then returns to the default screen. I tried changing the X and Y dimensions from 200 each to 233 and 215 respectively (as per my U3 settings) as well as putting "T1" in the Custom gcode space. Is there anything I’m missing h
  3. Can you guys tell me which support/other option is causing this support mayhem? For the love of me I can not figure it out. I only want your typical 45degree support underneath the model where needed, not on top
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