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  1. I should also mention that I installed Cura 4.8 on two other PCs here, one Windows 7 and one Windows 10, both work fine so it is definitely something to do with this specific PC and not Windows 7 in particular. The Windows 7 PC has the same NVIDIA graphics drivers installed (different card though) so I would say it isn't that either.
  2. Long story short, this machine is Windows 7 for a specific reason and needs to stay that way for the foreseeable future. I have, to the best of my knowledge, removed all of Cura that I could find. I did an uninstall, then made sure the directory it was installed in was removed, then removed the \users\username\appdata\roaming\cura folder in its entirety as well as the appdata\local\cura. If there is another place that data might be hiding I would love to know so I can try deleting that. I apologize if any of this sounds a little rude, I do not mean for it to be. I genu
  3. Yes, the NVIDIA driver I have is the latest one for the card I have, triple checked that, including beta versions. Tests passed, screenshot attached. Yes, the Dremel version of Cura works, that is what I am currently using, version 1.2.3 just like the screenshot you have except I am not using dark mode. I was trying to get the actual Cura to run, the non-Dremel version, version 4.8. It is the one that does not launch on my computer although version 4.5 or 4.6 did work at one time. I have tried removing Cura and reinstalling the old version, same thing, will not launch
  4. Sorry it took me a little while, got down to 9F here in SE Texas which broke the electrical plants, internet, cell towers, and water pumping stations. lol. I downloaded that file and ran it, it looks to me about the same as yours with regards to the OpenGL information.
  5. According to https://support.ultimaker.com/hc/en-us/articles/360011889579-On-what-operating-systems-is-Ultimaker-Cura-available- Cura is compatible with Windows 7 64bit, which is what I am running. I appreciate you trying to help. Is there any other way to get someone who might be able to diagnose the problem?
  6. oops, sorry about that. Attached is the cura log file you requested. This is from 4.5 as I installed it to see if an older version would work. Interesting note is that I renamed the log file and tried to launch cura, it did the same thing about a spinning cursor and then the cursor returns to normal but no cura screen shows up, but it also did not create a new log file as cura.log which I find odd. I would think that it would create a new log immediately, maybe not. Thank you for taking a look! cura_2.log
  7. So I tried some more things: Disabled antivirus realtime protection Removed the Dremel printer plugin and just used the built in S5 driver Removed 4.8 and installed 4.5 None of this worked either. Any suggestions on what to try next would be GREATLY appreciated.
  8. Complete uninstall (including removing the \users\username\appdata\roaming\cura folder) and installing the latest version will run one time. I set my printer type (Dremel plugin from the store) and it tells me I have to restart so I do, it will not launch from then on. Double click the icon, my cursor swirls, then returns to normal. Cura is not in the task list. I have tried running in compatibility mode, tried running as administrator, nothing works. I am running dual monitors so I went into the Cura settings and turned off the option to remember windows positions, no help. Tried unplugging o
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