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  1. And as i stated i didn't have that keyword there in 4.10, yet it's not being added. I've never had that line in there. Explain that. My startcode always has been using explicit M140/M190, yet 4.10 didn't add those redundant lines and 4.11 does. The only thing i changed manually between 4.10 and 4.11 (in light of levelling) was: to and to because i noticed z-offset differences between the bed pre-heat temp of 60° and 70° so i simply increased the hardset pre-heat temp from 60 to 70, and removed the bed temp line in the final heating section as it was no longer needed.
  2. that cant be it because it's added a third time at line 89 in accordance with the specified startcode Attached are 2 gcodes. the FIBO one is sliced with 4.10 same startcode, those lines aren't there The upgrade one is sliced with 4.11. Same startcode yet one has it, the other one doesn't. CrealityMaxExtruderUpgrade-260_0.4N_0.2LH_0D3H49M.gcode FiBo_-_Base_-_Short_45mm_0.4N_0.2LH_1D1H13M.gcode
  3. Below is my startcode Yet when slicing my startcode looks like There's a redudant M140, an M105 and an M190 where they shouldn't be. As is visbile in screenshot 1 (i maxed out the manage printers view so everything was visible, evidence of this is the lack of a scrollbar) those 3 startcodes DO NOT exist in my configured startcode. These lines cause additional delay as it waits for the bed to heat up first to full temp before starting to pre-heat the nozzle. I have no idea where this is coming from 4.11.zip
  4. I did remove them that way, as at the time (until now) that was the only way i knew of removing them. I found the setting, used it, plugin said it removed 185 profiles from loading and sure enough only my custom created ones are loaded again. Just the way i like it. Thanks! Followup question to that end. This is what it currently looks like in the \materials folder Now i checked them out with notepad and they're xml files. As an experiment i tried editing the filename of such a custom one to the actual <label> but if i do that the profile is no longer loaded. Any reason for that? Am i missing something? Purely for easy recognition i'd love the filename to be the same.
  5. 4.3? That's a 2 year old release. Try 4.11 that was just recently released.
  6. Not possible, due to the this issue, i havent been logged in in weeks. Cura restored them and they're default profiles. I checked the online marketplace after logging in, can't even find them. These are Cura default installed profiles and i want them gone. They're not in the materials profiles
  7. in 4.10 i had cleaned up the C:\Users\Wim\AppData\Roaming\cura\4.10\materials to my liking to the point where Cura only showed the ones I used, and setup myself. Now after 4.11 all those (to me useless) material brands like "3DFuel, Best Filament, eMotionTech" are back and they're not in the \materials folder for 4.11. Can't seem to get rid of them either through the marketplace \ materials tab. Where are they stored, so i can get rid of them. I don't need or want them.
  8. so what do i have to do to get this fixed?
  9. Here's the prusa repaired one. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1TYvvdlfJzwtyAFlfCGtmk2jRVsbb6aGP/view?usp=sharing I couldn't get it to upload here. Took too long. I'll tinker with it some more on my end.
  10. Mine (9900k, 32gigs of ram) opens it (takes a moment to load) but chokes around 90% of autoslice. Mesh tools shows a warning that the model may not be watertight. Disabled auto-slice, tried to fix the normals but that just locks up cura on my end. Sorry. That's one big-ass litho lol. Prusa opens it relatively quick but shows 79849 auto-repaired errors. That's probably why it won't slice. Huge non-manifold model
  11. Takes a moment (no spinning cursor), but saved on the first go. I like/want/need those thumbnails though. just for some extra info, exporting gcode isn't a problem with thumbnails enabled.
  12. This a basic temp tower. Trying to make the following changes to the file > change existing "change at Z layer" entry 2 from layer 9 to layer 1 > add "change at Z", change at layer: 2, set fan speed: 100 and move that to the bottom > move "create thumbnail to the bottom" > add "display progress on LCD" with percentage enabled > set "change at Z" script to 3rd from the bottom > change z-seam position to "user specified": back > set bottom initial layer to "lines" File > save project > spins for a minute > Cura crashes, every single time. *Been trying save these changes for the past half hour* Crashes EVERY DAMN TIME. I don't care how long it takes me. I will make those changes. It sure as hell isn't my system. 9900k, 32gigs of ram, samsung 970 Evo plus 1TB as boot drive (where cura is installed) cura.zip
  13. Feel free to tell me how to get them or which ones. But it'll be pretty hard to get startup logs if it hangs on startup.
  14. No it isn't. This is happening to me on just about 1/2 cura startups on 4.10. Delete config line > starts up fine > log in > locks up again > delete > works > log in > hangs again. Rinse & repeat indefinitely
  15. Anyone? Just tried again with a smaller item. A temp tower. Still engages cooling at layer 2 at full speed instead of the specified layer 4 (regular fan speed at layer: 4). If i go Fan speed: 100, regular fan speed: 0, maximum fan speed 100. The part cooling fan doesn't kick in at all no matter what layer. Not 2, not 4, not 5 or any higher) TempTower_PLA_235-190.3mf
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